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Speedy Services Plant Hire reaping the benefits of managing Road Risks

Speedy Services Plant Hire reaping the benefits of managing Road Risks

Speedy Services Plant Hire reaping the benefits of managing Road Risks

Speedy Services, the UK’s leading tool, equipment and plant hire services company has taken a strategic approach to managing its work-related road risk – and is reaping the business benefits.

It supplies a wide range of equipment to major infrastructure, and construction projects, and to trade and retail customers through its nationwide service centre network and through concessions in B&Q stores.

With more than 1,000 commercial vehicles, including 229 HGVs, the company runs an extensive internal logistics operation between its national distribution centre and its 180 trading locations, as well as providing equipment to third parties.

Actions taken

Speedy Services takes an innovative approach to fleet equipment by working with its suppliers, including inviting them to a forum day to explore how their offerings can be integrated or enhanced through partnership. As a result its Masternaut telematics and Vision Track cameras now work in sync, with exception footage arriving by email immediately after the telematics system alerts of an exceptional G-force event. It also has cameras and lighting on the ends of cranes so operators can clearly see the crane’s position, even in poor light.

The camera footage is also helpful in monitoring health and safety compliance, particularly around load safety. Having a camera trained on the load allows managers to assess whether drivers are in fact adhering to protocol.

Vehicle equipment

Speedy Services invests extensively in safety kit for its commercial vehicles, which are equipped with:

  • Front and rear crash protection (autonomous emergency braking systems)
  • HALO systems which project illuminated turning areas onto the road and also for the use of tail-lifts
  • AI-enhanced Side Scan sensors which alert the driver to the presence of an object or person on the near-side
  • LCVs have front, rear and driver-facing Vision Track cameras
  • HGVs have front, rear, right and left-hand side, load and driving-facing cameras
  • Masternaut telematics
  • Safe access to tanker hatches with automatic fold out walkways and stairs which allow drivers to climb to the top of the vehicle in safety.
  • Fatigue monitoring through the driver-facing cameras

Driver buy-in

Fleet director Aaron Powell has a camera in his own vehicle to promote driver buy in. Some drivers were initially worried at the thought of ‘being watched’ but once assured that the footage is only consulted in the event of an incident or third-party claim, they accepted them. Camera footage has a strong record in defending the drivers against spurious or not-at-fault claims which in the past would have been settled 50-50 for lack of evidence.

The company’s claims have dropped by 13%, but now, most incidents are low speed manoeuvring collisions. Investment in automated braking systems for reversing to complement the cameras helps prevent these incidents.

Drivers are rewarded for good performance. Every month the best driver by region receives £100 voucher, and the best driver of the year is awarded a prize and recognition at the company’s annual colleague awards ceremony.

Training and Accreditation

Speedy Services is whole-fleet accredited to FORS Gold for the 9th consecutive year, a CLOCS champion and has DVSA Earned Recognition. It also works closely with the City of London police and other constabularies, using its trucks for ‘exchanging places’ events with cyclists.

Its training is all in-house, carried out by its own training team. Internal progression means that individuals can move from from van to tanker driver, and it also runs its own apprenticeship schemes. Managers all take the courses alongside the drivers.

Business benefits

  • 13% reduction in incidents 2022, year on year
  • 45% fewer vehicle collisions in 16 months
  • Reduction in insurance premiums of 35%
  • 90% recovery of uninsured loss
  • Speeding PCNs down 96%
  • Fuel costs down 20% in 2 years

Aaron Powell, Fleet Manager, Speedy Services, said: “Logistics is a very substantial part of our business and so we have an important responsibility to make our operations as safe as possible. We want our drivers to be safe so we approach everything from a safety-first perspective.”

Read a full case-study on Speedy Services here.

Post source : Driving for Better Business

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